Raise your hand if you love movies...

The highest hand in the room is guaranteed to be that of Hannah Hoolihan: the first of her name, lover of films, player of games, writer of many, many things, and mother to two dogs. Take that, Daenerys Targaryen.

Hannah is here to bring everything she loves right to the table and serve it in the most entertaining way possible. Her abiding love of movies began as a child with an introduction to Jurassic Park. Most kids cried and hid in fear, but all she could think about was "HOW'D THEY DO THAT?" and, "GIVE ME MORE DINOSAURS." She knew then and there that the magic of cinema was bound to be a part of her life forever. She pursued an education in Writing for Film, Television, and Digital Media that has seen a personal passion evolve into a career in the industry. She's also a Tomatometer-approved film critic for this website and has written movie reviews and entertainment news for Screen Rant, features for Collider and IGN, and has additional bylines on Leonard Maltin's website and Geek Bomb! Pretty neat, huh?

Dive in, nerd out, and join the fun!